The Xtmpi school for me was a trip which unfortunately came to its end, as everything in life.

However, life is not a paradise and it has its ups and donws; all the time. The different with the XTMPI-trip, was that it felt like a real-time paradise. Every single day. Every single lesson. From the day when mum brought his son to this unknown place, to the day that my mum will receive a man, ready to strive for success from the factory of humanism, Xtmpi!

Yes, this is XTMPI and it's a school.

The place where a kid is transformed to a man, through the most beautiful process, through the process of education.

As I said in other pages, Xtmpi is the only school that didn't care as much for my school ratings as for my physical and mental health. It was more important for them to teach me what is love, what is friendship and why this black kid is the same with me, rather than teaching me how is "go" in the present perfect.

I want to end this paradise-trip with the best memories, despite the difficulties we faced this year.

Covid-19, take a break. Let us patry for the last time, because we deserve this!!!! Thank you Xtmpi, thank you mrs.Xenia, thank you mr. Sokrati, thank you mr. Christaki, thank you mrs. Loulla(†) and every single SkyWalker, who inspired me to walk in the sky, like a real one!

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